TU法律被白宫、司法部认可为防止驱逐的工作 - The University of Tulsa-十大外围app


On Friday, Jan. 28、白宫和司法部 召集了99所法学院 回应你.S. Attorney General’s Call to Action to the Legal Profession to address the housing and eviction crisis.

The University of Tulsa College of Law is among those that immediately committed to preventing evictions. In just a few months, 35个州和波多黎各的法学院学生奉献了将近81个,000 hours to provide legal assistance to households and communities across the country.

“Five months ago, I asked the legal community to answer the call to help Americans facing eviction. Law students and lawyers from across the country stepped up to take on cases and assisted their clients and communities at a time when our country needed it the most,司法部长加兰德(Merrick Garland)说. “Today, 十大外围app的工作远未结束, and making real the promise of equal justice under law remains our urgent and unfinished mission.”

法学院利用资源, 比如公益服务和实习项目, clinical offerings and the service of the larger law school community to aid struggling families avoid eviction through rental assistance application support, volunteer with legal aid providers and help courts implement eviction diversion programs, 在其他项目.

This call to action by the Attorney General and the response from 99 law schools is part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s approach to help millions of families keep up on rent and remain in their homes. These efforts – along with the distribution of more than $25 billion to well over 3 million households in need through in the American Rescue Plan Emergency Rental Assistance program by the end of 2021 – has led to increased access to counsel and eviction diversion in jurisdictions across the country and kept eviction filing rates below 60% of averages in a typical year.

“The University of Tulsa College of Law is dedicated to academic excellence and serving the local community, 尤其是边缘化人群. 通过工作的 特里·韦斯特民事法律诊所, our students and faculty address structural issues around evictions and provide resources to stave off evictions and potential homelessness,TU Law Dean Oren R. Griffin. “We are proud of the work performed by our law students in serving the needs of marginalized populations at risk of eviction.”

TU的西部诊所与房东租户资源中心合作, 在法院对面的街道上建了一个社会服务中心. 诊所的学生参加了塔尔萨的驱逐程序, 他们在哪里记录违规行为和侵犯权利的行为, 为个人提供租赁和法律援助, addressed barriers to accessing legal aid and informed court officials and landlords’ attorneys about individuals who had been approved for rental assistance as their cases were heard. 这家诊所是一个法律联盟的一部分, 健康, 从事驱逐工作的救济和社会服务组织. 学生的观察为该联盟的宣传工作提供了信息, 以及俄克拉荷马州司法委员会的工作. Additionally, their observations motivated an ethics complaint involving the practices of eviction mills at the court. Outside of the court, the clinic participated in pop-up clinics for rental assistance and served as a resource for the community.

“TU students saw first-hand how the legal system can affect the lives of marginalized populations and how tenuous access to safe and secure housing can be,” said Professor Roni Amit, 西方经验诊所的主任. “As future lawyers, they learned about the significant role that lawyers can play in an individual’s life by keeping them housed. 学生们的行动改变了无数人, children, 塔尔萨的家庭和社区.”

自从《十大外围app》通过后, emergency rental assistance has accelerated and eviction diversion programs have been established.

“We could not be more inspired that so many dedicated law students and clinical legal programs have risen to the call to provide legal services to hard-pressed families at risk of, too often, devastating evictions,” said Gene Sperling, 拜登总统高级顾问和美国救援计划协调员. “We believe that the increased access to counsel that is being provided by such dedicated law students and clinical programs has prevented eviction, despair and even homelessness for countless families and that these types of access to justice and court diversion reforms are also critical to the long-term reforms needed to build back to a better and more humane national eviction policy.”

Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, an experienced attorney, participated in Friday’s event. “十大外围app向法学院院长们致敬, faculty and students for answering our call and for using their legal skills to further the cause of access to justice. 他们的努力将带来尊严, housing security, 为全国数以百万计的家庭伸张正义,” he said.

Details about all of TU Law’s experiential clinics and how they prepare students for success in the legal field are available at http://law.www.yangchunsanyue.com/legal-clinics/.