Notification of Rights under the Family 教育al Rights and 隐私 Act ("FERPA") - 的 University of Tulsa-十大外围app


1974年的《十大外围app》, as amended (“FERPA”) is a federal law that gives students certain rights with respect to their education records.


的 University of Tulsa routinely maintains records for its students that describe and document their work and progress. 这些教育记录通常包括永久地址和本地地址等记录, 招生的记录, 金融援助记录, 注册状态, 课程成绩, 报告和评估, 完成要求并取得学位, 纪律处分记录, 的推荐信, 医疗记录, 以及其他与学生有关的信件.


为了有用,学生的记录必须准确和完整. 的 officials who maintain them are those in charge of the functions reflected in the records and the offices where the records are kept. 这些通常包括登记员, 以及十大外围app及其学院的某些办公室, 包括, 例如, 会计办公室, 金融援助, 招生, 和住房. All students have access to their own education records and may contribute to them if they feel there is need for clarification.

希望查看其教育记录的学生应与教务处联系. 学生 should submit a written request that identifies the specific record or records they wish to inspect. 十大外围app将在收到请求后45天内提供. 当一个记录包含多个学生的信息时, students requesting access may inspect and review only the portion of the record relating to themselves. 学生 also are not permitted to view letters and statements of recommendation to which they waived their right of access, 或者是在1月1日之前存档的, 1975.

学生 should direct any questions they have about the accuracy of records to the person in charge of the office where the records are kept. 如果还有问题, 这个问题可以提交十大外围足彩网站app负责学生服务的副校长办公室.


十大外围app将以下信息视为“目录信息”,“这是, 信息,, 在FERPA, 可否向公众提供:全称, 申报出生日期, 考勤日期, 主要和次要的(s), 类一年, 数字化图像, 本地或校园居住地址及电话, 大学的电子邮件地址, 中学(本科), 本科院校(研究生和专业学生), 学生申请入学时所在的家乡或城市, 在入学时的原始班级, 学位的候选人地位, 毕业日期(实际或预计), 主修和辅修的学位和授予的荣誉等级(如有), 部门的研究, 大学奖, 奖学金, 并获得了类似的荣誉. 对于现在或以前的学生运动员,它还包括身高、体重和运动. 为学生的员工, 职称, 教学聘任(如适用), 雇佣部门和雇佣日期也是目录信息.

学生可以要求十大外围app不公开他们的目录信息. 这个请求被称为放置一个“FERPA块”.为此,学生必须亲自通知教务处,并提交书面申请. 学生应该意识到设置FERPA Block的可能后果, 比如错过的邮件, 消息, 和通知, 未核实入学或学位状况, 不包含在毕业材料中. 学生 who have previously chosen to put in place a FERPA Block may decide to reverse this decision by informing the 注册商’s Office in writing.


学生 who would like information from their education records – 包括 but not limited to information like grades, 出席, 或者财务信息——将被披露十大外围足彩网站app其他个人, 像家庭成员, 必须提供他们的书面同意才能共享这些资料. 如欲授权发放此等资料,学生须填妥及提交 学生公开资料申请表格. This form authorizes the University to disclose information to the authorized parties and respond to inquiries from authorized parties. “学生公开资料要求表”已递交学生事务处. 学生 may revise or revoke their consent by going to the Student Request to Disclose Information and submit a new form.

学生公开资料申请表格 将于明年9月30日到期. 学生 are required to update or complete a new disclosure form at this time and will be notified by email prior to the expiration date as a reminder.



除了允许公开目录信息外, 如上所述, FERPA permits disclosure of educational records without a student’s knowledge or consent under certain circumstances. 例如, 允许具有合法教育利益的大学官员披露这些记录, 这意味着官员需要这些信息来履行他们的职业职责, 包括教学, 监督, 咨询, 行政, 学术或研究, 员工支持或其他职责. “University officials” include: faculty; administrators; clerical employees; professional employees; Alexander 健康中心 and Counseling and Psychological Services Center staff members; campus security officers; agents of the University, such as contractors or volunteers performing functions on behalf of the University; members of the University’s 董事会; and students serving on an official College or University committee or assisting another University official in performing tasks.

A student’s education record also may be shared with parties outside the University without consent of the student under certain conditions provided in § 99.FERPA条例的31条. 这些情况包括,例如涉及健康和安全紧急情况的情况. 学生的父母也可以被通知有关学生违反任何联邦规定, 状态, 或当地法律, 或大学的任何规则或政策, governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance if the University determines the student committed a disciplinary violation and the student is under the age of 21.

除了, the 注册商’s Office will forward a student’s education records to other agencies or institutions that have requested the records and in which the student seeks or intends to enroll or is already enrolled so long as the disclosure is for purposes related to the student’s enrollment or transfer.

If the University of Tulsa finds that a student has committed a disciplinary violation involving a crime of violence or a non-forcible sex offense, 那么大学也可以, 如果法律允许和大学的判断是适当的, 披露有关纪律案件的某些信息. 披露的内容可能包括学生的姓名、所犯的违规行为以及所受到的处罚.


如上所述, 在大学政策和FERPA下, students and former students may inspect and review certain information contained in their education records that are maintained by the University. 他们还有权:同意披露其教育记录的信息, except where disclosure is otherwise permissible under law without the student’s written consent; seek to correct their education records if they believe them to be inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of their FERPA rights; file a complaint with the 美国教育部 if they believe 的 University of Tulsa has not complied with the requirements of FERPA; and be fully informed of their rights 在FERPA. Complaints regarding alleged violation of rights of students 在FERPA may be submitted in writing within 180 days to the Family Policy Compliance Office, 美国教育部, 马里兰西南大道400号, 华盛顿, D.C. 20202-8520.