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An Energy Center of Excellence

The University of Tulsa is uniquely positioned among other institutions of higher education as a nationwide leader in energy. Home to 学生 from 66 countries, TU offers an internationally renowned petroleum 工程 program while embracing a multi-disciplinary approach to energy education. The energy field encompasses faculty, 学生, research and employment placement from the Collins of 业务, the College of 工程 and 自然科学 and the 大学法学院. TU’s historic North Campus has been a beacon of technical research, 实践学习机会和前沿创新超过50年. While honoring its 90-year history in oil and 气体 research, TU正在发展成为包括太阳能在内的所有能源的卓越中心, 风, nanobatteries and 生物燃料.

Tulsa’s Energy Center


  • TU的麦克杜格尔石油工程学院被评为世界上最好的石油大学, 气体 and petroleum 工程, according to the 2017 CEOWORLD magazine university rankings.
  • TU, 被评为俄克拉荷马州最绿色的大学, powers its Case Tennis Center through rooftop solar panels.
  • 排名. 其中4所为石油工程研究生院 U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道
  • Recipient of ARPA-E and U.S. 美国能源部资助太阳能研究和其他替代能源项目.
  • 长期的能源法优秀项目
  • 著名的美国土著法律和可持续能源和自然资源法项目
  • 能源法律期刊 由TU的法律系学生代表Energy Bar协会的实践成员编辑
  • ABA’s Year in Review publication section on Environment, Energy and 资源 Committee also edited by TU’s law 学生
  • 美国大学排名第15位.S. 法学院为2017届毕业生提供就业安排(国家法律杂志 2018年),包括在能源领域的位置
  • 能源管理项目是美国仅有的10个此类大学项目之一. 2014年7月, the Collins 商业学院 established the School of Energy Economics, 政策 和商业,以应对能源行业的增长和大学的能源商业学位课程.
  • TU houses one of only two undergraduate energy management programs at a private institution accredited by the American Association of Professional Landmen.
  • 能源商务硕士项目排名第1. 49 by U.S. 新闻 & 世界报道 for Best Online Program and one of only three post-baccalaureate programs accredited by the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL).
  • 学位课程

    Petroleum 工程 – B.S.P.E., M.E., M.S.E., Ph.D.
    能源业务 – B.S.B.A., M.E.B.
    能源法 – J.D., SERL Certificate, J.D. and LLM in Energy and Natural 资源 法律, LLM in Energy & Natural 资源 法律 for Foreign 法律yers, MJ in 能源法
    Chemical 工程 – B.S. with options in materials, refining, pre-med, business and environmental, M.S.Ch.E.
    化学 – B.A., B.S.C.
    生物化学 – B.S.B.
    工程物理 – B.S.E.P.
    物理 – B.A., B.S.
    地球科学 – B.S.G.S., M.S.
    Mechanical 工程 – B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
    计算机科学 – B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

  • 与能源工业有关的财团
  • 研究/专利

    Chemical 工程

    • Developing genetic 工程 tools to facilitate algae 生物燃料 development
    • 流动保证问题的实验研究和建模,以控制许多固体沉积物,如石蜡, hydrate and asphaltenes in oil and 气体 pipelines and well bores.
    • 将热力学原理应用于碳氢能源工业的实际问题.
    • 采用新技术净化产出水.
    • 利用亚、超临界水将生物质转化为生物燃料(可再生能源).
    • Catalytic methane dehyroaromatization to produce liquid fuels
    • Liquefaction of biochar to produce value-added chemicals and fuels
    • The Fundamentals of Delayed Coking Joint Industry Project has been studying, for the past 20 years, 了解和改进延迟焦化石油炼制工艺的途径
    • Using zeolites for all types of oil refining processes including cracking, 加氢裂化, 异构化, reforming and hydrogenation.

    化学 and 生物化学

    • 光伏材料的合成与制造,其中纳米结构极大地增强了光伏系统. This work has received more than $1M in Federal funding.
    • 3D Printed Electrodes for Electrochemical energy storage. 3D打印为电池制造打开了新的大门. This work has resulted in four patents.
    • 纳米结构的电池材料(电极和电解质),以增强能量存储能力. This project has had more than $3M in Federal and Industrial funding. 这项工作已经获得了7项专利.


    • Reservoir characterization research particularly aimed at understanding permeability anisotropy related to facies architecture elements to improve reservoir exploitation strategies.
    • Geothermal and petroleum related fluid injection induced seismicity forecasting and alert systems development to better inform industry and regulator decision making.
    • 地球物理成像和信号处理,以提高石油勘探和开发工作.
    • 研究地球物理理论和应用,有效圈定化石燃料油藏和开发.
    • Educate our 学生, 为参与能源业务提供强大的地球物理学基础.
    • Educate our 学生 in computational geophysics enabling their ability to create geoscience solutions for energy applications.
    • Teach our 学生 on how to participate and contribute within a multidisciplinary geoscience team for hydrocarbon exploration and production.
    • Instruct our 学生 to be critical thinkers and socially aware with respect to world energy concerns regarding fossil fuel production.
    • 指导十大外围app的学生在化石燃料操作方面采取负责任和道德的方式, including environmental preservation, 诱发地震活动减缓与公共安全.


    • Situational awareness tools for cyber security in the energy sector (oil & 气体, electric power); researchers have developed a number of specialized tools for 协议分析 and intrusion detection
    • Patent for a Compliance Method for a Cyber-Physical System with applications and use in regulated energy-related environments
    • Cyber risk assessment methodology for nuclear reactor control systems
    • Automated tool for identifying critical digital assets in nuclear reactors
    • 使用机器学习算法和数据科学来确定多相流模型的最佳参数
    • Tulsa Cyber Summit 2019 includes sector panels on energy, oil & 气体
    • 缩小电力变电站规模,测试和评估电力部门的网络安全解决方案


    • Professor Parameswar Hari serves as the director of the Oklahoma Photovoltaic 研究 institute which is an interdisciplinary, 校际(图, OU和OSU)中心致力于设计, 制造, 第三代光伏(PV)测试. This institute is operated from the physics department at TU.
    • 该研究所的主要任务是设计, 模型, and fabricate new generation of cost-effective solar cells.
    • The secondary mission of the institute is to foster interdisciplinary research between faculty and 学生 in 物理, 化学, and 工程 disciplines at TU. 除了, through the institute projects we will share resources between three major Oklahoma research universities on PV research.
    • 在过去的5年里,TU的太阳能研究已经吸引了超过500万美元的资金.
    • We have three ongoing projects supported by OK-NASA EPSCoR for over $2.2500万年
    • 目前, 6 TU faculty (physics, 化学, 化学工程, 机械工程及电气工程), 6 graduate 学生 (3 in physics) and 2 undergraduate (physics) 学生 are engaged in solar energy related research projects.
    • 十大外围app在物理系有两个专门的实验室,有21种仪器用于太阳能项目.
    • PV institute annual symposium in 2018 had 42 participants, 6场学生讲座和16场海报演讲.
    • The higher operating efficiencies and longer lifetimes make light-emitting diodes (LEDs) highly competitive in the general illumination market. This technology is expected to reduce energy consumption by 40% in 2030, 这相当于节省261太瓦时的能源和260亿元的预算. 目前的白光led是通过在iii -氮化物基蓝色led中加入黄色荧光粉来实现的. The challenges of cool color and limited material availability of the rare-earth elements need to be solved to realize the widespread adoption of white LEDs in the general illumination market. 因此, the utilization of cost-effective approaches to achieve high-efficiency LED with superior color quality is instrumental in the application of this technology in the general illumination market. The key for obtaining photo down conversion materials to acquire high quantum yield materials with emission in the blue, 绿色, 和红色的范围. We are developing cost-effective approaches to achieve high-quality white LEDs using the earth-abundant elements with goal of widespread adoption of white LED in general illumination market. This will result in a significant reduction in energy consumption.
    • Ferroelectric thin films and heterostructures are unique multifunctional nanomaterials for energy applications that include electromechanical and photovoltaic energy generation, 超高密度电容储能, 以及非易失性存储器和铁电场效应晶体管等节能电子元件. Our research aims at the fundamental understanding of electrostatic and electromechanical interactions at ferroelectric interfaces in order to craft recipes for advanced energy materials with new and enhanced functionalities.
  • 能源合作


    Robert Gordon University, Edinburgh
    Singapore Management
    University College Dublin
    University of Cantabria
    University of Auckland


    布法罗的土地 & Title
    North Dakota, Bismarck, ND
    Tital 能源
    Environmental 资源 Management
    基础能源 Management
    Newfield Exploration
    Oklahoma Corporation Commission
    Blueknight Energy Partners
    Cypress Energy Partners
    Nichols Brothers, Inc.
    李伟律师事务所. 派登,电脑
    Energy Source Advisors
    休·W. Savage, Attorney at 法律
    Oklahoma Water Resource Board
    Patrick, Miller, Kropf
    The Railroad Commission of Texas
    OK Department of Agriculture
    TX Department of Agriculture
    Oklahoma Water 资源 Board
    印度 & Environmental 法律 Group
    尼达姆 & 的同事
    Army Core of Engineers
    Grand River Dam Authority
    Nichols Brothers, Inc.
    Cypress Energy Partners
    Energy Source Advisors
    Blueknight Energy Partners
    Oklahoma Corporation Commission
    Environmental Defense Fund
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • 理工大学毕业生在能源相关岗位的就业情况
  • 你老师

    Randy Hazlett Ph值.D.


    • 研究方向:非常规油气藏, discrete well 模型ing, pressure and rate transient analysis, 多相流 in porous media, productivity 模型ing of complex wells, 来自复杂压裂系统的产量, 流在骨折, computational 流体动力学 applications in reservoir 工程, 石油工程晶格玻尔兹曼方法, enhanced oil recovery
    • 教学兴趣:水库工程, production 工程, rock and fluid properties, enhanced oil recovery

    Mohan Kelkar, Ph值.D., J.D.


    • 研究 Interests: integrated reservoir 模型ing, liquid loading
    • Teaching Interests: 石油经济 and property evaluation, unconventional resources, 地质统计学, integrated reservoir 模型ing



    Stefan Miska Ph值.D.

    乔纳森·B. 石油工程教授

    • 研究 Interests: drilling 液压, 钻, tubing and casing mechanics, drilling 优化, 地质力学
    • Teaching Interests: drilling, well completions, 地质力学



    • 研究 Interests: pressure transient (well test) analysis, wireline formation testers, reservoir 工程 methods, reservoir simulation and 模型ing, assisted history matching, nonlinear parameter 优化, naturally fractured reservoirs, 三次采油方法, geothermal reservoir 工程, unconventional oil and 气体 reservoirs
    • Teaching Interests: 试井分析, reservoir 工程, 岩石属性, reservoir 模型ing and simulation, 计算机在石油工程中的应用



    • 研究 Interests: 人工提升, dewatering and boosting, 多相流, production 优化, dynamic of 多相流 in pipes
    • 教学兴趣:生产工程 and 人工提升, fluid and 岩石属性, 多相流

    Ovadia Shoham, Ph值.D.

    弗洛伊德米. Stevenson Distinguished Professor of Petroleum 工程

    • 研究 Interests: production, 多相流的输送与分离, two phase flow 模型ing
    • 教学兴趣:生产工程, two phase flow 模型ing



    • 主要研究方向:油藏数值模拟, software design paradigms, nonlinear and linear solvers, 耦合流和输运的离散化, 地质力学 in fractured porous media, applications of simulation in unconventional reservoirs and EOR
    • 教学兴趣:高级油藏工程, reservoir simulation, 地质统计学, 试井分析, high performance computing

    Mengjiao Yu Ph值.D.

    Professor of Petroleum 工程

    • 研究方向:钻完井, 钻井液, fluid rheology and 液压, 井筒稳定性, shale and shale stability, 岩屑传输, 钻井/ MPD, 钻 mechanics, downhole and surface measurement, drilling automations, large scale 工程 simulations
    • 教学兴趣:钻探工程, 钻井液, math 模型ing in drilling 工程, 工程 programming

    张Hong-Quan, Ph值.D.


    • 研究 Interests: 人工提升, 多相流 in wells and pipelines, heat and mass transfer, computational 流体动力学, heavy oil and emulsion rheology, oil and 气体 production, 流保证
    • 教学兴趣:生产工程, advanced production design, transient multiphase production design, 多相流 模型ing, 人工提升, 流保证


    研究 Professor of Petroleum 工程 and Mathematics

    • 研究兴趣:辅助历史比对, 注水, 优化, closed-loop reservoir management, uncertainty quantification, optimal well placement and control, data-driven 模型s for prediction and control reservoir simulation, 多相流 试井
    • 教学兴趣:水库工程, reservoir simulation, 优化, 试井, 逆问题, closed-loop reservoir management

    Evren Ozbayoglu, Ph值.D.


    • 研究方向:钻井工程, fluid and solid mechanics, directional horizontal drilling, 岩屑传输, fluid characterization, 液压
    • 教学兴趣:钻探工程

    爱德华多·Pereyra Ph值.D.


    • 研究 Interests: 多相流, 流保证, 气体 well deliquification, 人工提升, 多相流 metering, separation technologies, uncertainty analysis
    • Teaching Interests: 流保证, two-phase flow 模型ing, oil and 气体 production, 人工提升, 石油经济, surface production facilities, transient two-phase flow

    杰姆Sarica, Ph值.D.

    Director of TUHWALP, F.H. “Mick” Merelli/Cimarex Professor of Petroleum 工程

    • 研究方向:生产工程, 多相流 in pipes, 流保证, 水平井
    • 教学兴趣:生产工程, 多相流, 流保证

    Daniel Crunkleton, Ph.D., J.D.

    Professor of Chemical 工程

    • 研究方向:过程建模与仿真, computational 流体动力学, 可替代能源/生物燃料
    • Teaching Interests: 热力学, 传热, 流体动力学, 可替代能源, 迁移现象

    托德•Otanicar Ph值.D.


    • 研究方向:热传导、纳米粒子、光学、太阳能、建筑能源
    • Teaching Interests: 传热, 热力学, 可替代能源, heating and refrigeration, 构建系统


    Associate Professor of 物理

    • 研究 Interests: solar cells, 纳米技术, condensed matter physics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
    • Teaching Interests: solid state physics, nanoscience, math methods

    丙烯酸- Ramsurn, Ph值.D.


    • 研究方向:超临界流体, 生物燃料, 生物增值产品及其应用, 石墨烯, 气体 to liquid conversions
    • Teaching Interests: 热力学, 流体力学, 化学工程 principles, 可再生能源, 健康和安全, reaction 工程


    Chair and Professor of 化学

    • 研究 Interests: 纳米化学方面的 and 材料化学 as they apply to battery electrode and electrolyte materials
    • Teaching Interests: general 化学, 物理化学, 高分子化学, 材料化学, 纳米化学方面的



    • 研究 Interests: directed evolution, synthetic biology, algae 生物燃料
    • 教学兴趣:化学反应器设计, bio化学工程, 流体力学, 热力学, 传热



    • 研究 Interests: spectroscopy, nanomaterials, environmental, solar energy
    • 教学兴趣:分析、环境化学、化学分离



    • 研究方向:电化学、3D打印、材料化学、替代能源
    • Teaching Interests: analytical 化学, electro化学


    Tandy Professor of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

    • 研究方向:计算生物学, 生物信息学, neuroinformatics, 医学信息学, information security, high-performance computing, 正式的方法, 数字人文, 社会计算
    • 教学兴趣:计算机体系结构, information security, high-performance computing, computational biology, neuroinformatics, 医学信息学, enterprise computing


    Associate Professor of 计算机科学

    • 研究 Interests: 网络安全, distributed process control, network intrusion detection, 协议分析
    • Teaching Interests: operating systems, 计算机网络, 网络安全, 计算机图形学, cyber physical systems, critical infrastructure protection



    • 主要研究方向:多功能材料的合成与表征, experimental mechanics of complex synthetic and biological materials
    • Teaching Interests: mechanics, 材料科学, 仪表, experimental techniques, 复合材料



    • 主要研究方向:非常规油气剩余资源统计估算, energy analytics and data management, 定量决策的能源应用, infrastructure and 资产管理 in the energy space, 能源物流和运输问题, energy 风险建模, 改进或发展非常规油气藏剩余油气资源估算方法
    • 教学兴趣:分析与数据管理, quantitative decision analysis, management of energy operations, logistics and supply chain, 资产管理, 风险建模, energy policy and 经济学



    • 研究方向:能源资本效率、上游运营与管理
    • 教学兴趣:供应链管理, 金融, 统计数据, 经济学, 交易, 上游业务 & 工程



    • 研究 Interests: energy accounting and financial reporting, 国际会计和财务报告
    • Teaching Interests: U.S. and international upstream energy accounting, financial reporting; international accounting

    布福德Pollett J.D.

    Genave King Rogers能源法助理教授

    • 研究方向:企业决策分析, legal and regulatory aspects of oil/气体 well facilities abandonment and decommissioning in onshore and offshore production environments, 海上能源法, legal and financial transactions in international energy commerce
    • Teaching Interests: energy tansactions, regulations and compliance, maritime and Shipping Insurance, 不动产, 石油与天然气法, perspectives on energy business


    Mervin Bovaird能源商业教授

    • 研究 Interests: 经济学 of crude oil and natural 气体 markets, 能源、大宗商品、金融衍生品市场, 能源消费与收入的关系
    • 教学兴趣:能源商业,能源市场,能源金融,能源衍生品市场



    • 研究 Interests: energy markets and commodities risk
    • 教学兴趣:供应链管理, energy commodities markets, 全球石油和天然气行业, 电力行业, 石油炼制和石化工业, current issues in energy management, energy risk and hedging

    罗伯特一个. Butkin J.D.


    • 研究 Interests: For six years, Professor Butkin has served as an appointee of the Governor of Oklahoma to the Oklahoma delegation of the Uniform 法律 Commission.
    • Teaching Interests: contracts, state and federal administrative law, 商法, particularly selling and leasing of goods and secured transactions

    Warigia鲍曼,Ph值.D., J.D.

    Assistant 法学教授

    • 研究 Interests: energy policy and natural resources
    • 教学兴趣:行政法、水法

    梅丽莎·J. Luttrell J.D.

    Assistant 法学教授

    • 研究 Interests: The appropriate use of microeconomic principles in legal decisions that relate to environmental and public health risk regulation; the ways decision makers actually use available evidence, in the absence of perfect information; and the integration of idealistic notions of what protective environmental and public health laws can and should do with the pragmatic realities of the world that actually exists.
    • Teaching Interests: environmental law, climate change and property

    Judith V. 摆架子,J.D.


    • 主要研究方向:美洲印第安法律, 重点是水权、矿物和能源发展问题
    • Teaching Interests: administrative law, 民事诉讼程序, 立法, 印度联邦法律, Native American natural resources law, 一个关于印度产权的在线大师课程

    雷克斯J. Zedalis L.L.M., J.D.


    • 研究兴趣:他最近的研究兴趣集中在伊拉克石油和天然气法律方面, 但也包括了国际经济法, 军备控制, 和自卫.
    • 教学兴趣:国际能源, international trade law, property law and associated courses such as land use controls, and financing land transactions

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