Housing-Living Learning Communities - The University of Tulsa-十大外围app

These living communities are a great opportunity for students to develop a sense of belonging through intentional dialogue, informal interactions, and shared experiences. Students will be able to….

  • Connect, collaborate and engage with faculty and staff across the university
  • Participate in specialized programming and engagements tailored to their specific student experience needs
  • Participate in out-of-classroom learning experiences that are exclusive to the LLC program
  • Enjoy access to resources

If you are interested in any of these Living Learning Communities you will be able to designate your preferences when you submit your Housing/Dining Agreement. May 15th is the Last Day to submit for priority selection of Living Learning Community.

First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE)

The FYRE living-learning community, housed in Fisher South, promotes a smooth transition into college through an intentional learning environment that helps first-year students navigate their newly found independence by providing structured personal growth one-on-one conversations with an RA and active engagement opportunities to build relationships with peers and learn about on-campus resources to ensure a clear path of belonging and succeeding. This program seeks to apply in-class learning with out-of-class experiences that develop students into well-rounded leaders who can better articulate their personal strengths & values in a diverse living and learning environment. This collaborative learning approach in the living community will help residents succeed during their entire time at TU!

Highlights include resource fairs, civic engagement, financial wellness & budgeting workshops, well-being activities, and large social traditions like Haunted Hall and Boxer Bash.

Assignment Process: Self-Selection, as available

Faculty or Staff Advisor: Dr. Ben Peters, Hazel Rogers Associate Professor of Media Studies

University Honors

University Honors hosted in Hardesty Hall & Campus Apartments, University Honors complements students’ studies while in the TU Honors Program. It creates a home for the life of the mind and the deep friendships students forge as they read great thinkers together in order to better understand themselves and the world in which they live. Just as Honors seminars are designed to engage students in honest and rigorous conversations about what it means to be human and how to live well, this LLC extends those inquiries to illuminate everyday life. It creates space for students to explore and share how their studies and research broaden their perspective, unsettle habits, present new possibilities, and in general, simply blow their minds.

Highlights include: Book clubs and reading groups; dinners with professors; movie nights and cultural outings; architectural tours; and workshops to help students get started in their research and colloquia to share works-in-progress.

Assignment Process: Office assigned

Faculty or Staff Advisor: Dr. Denise Dutton, Applied Assistant Professor of Political Philosophy

Esports & Gaming

The Esports & Gaming LLC creates a living environment in Fisher West Suites that offers a unique program for students interested in gaming, either as a member of university-sponsored Esports teams or as a recreational gamer. The learning community brings peers together who have a love of gaming and would like to take their game to a higher level – be it competitively, a career goal, or making gamer friends.

Highlights include:Very close proximity to the Esports & Gaming Lounge plus exclusive access to the competition center, events for this community include faculty and special guest visits, tournaments, career panels, and skill-building workshops.

Assignment Process: Office assigned

Faculty or Staff Advisors: Pooyan Nikjou, Coordinator of Esports & Gaming Coordinator and Katelynn Fell, Staff Counselor/Outreach Specialist