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Campus Housing Accessibility

You may have questions about how well our facilities will meet your need:

Some of your questions likely deal with safety, accessibility and ease of mobility in the residential areas of campus. Answering your questions and helping you succeed is important to us!

Our Commitment

The University of Tulsa is deeply committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of college life, including residential living. Campus Housing in partnership with Student Access provides accommodations to TU self-identified students with disabilities.


TU recognizes that our residents may have or develop a disability or need that requires some accommodation, such as an accessible shower, a visual fire alarm, a single room, an emotional support animal, etc. In order to create equal access to the living facility and/or program, Campus Housing, in conjunction with Student Access, established this system for residents to request an accommodation in a manner that protects their rights as a student. To initiate the accommodation request process, the student need only use the Request Accommodation button on this page to complete the Student Accommodation Request Form. Student Access will review the documentation provided and determine what accommodations are reasonable for Campus Housing to provide. Some examples of disability-related accommodations: wheelchair accessible room, private bathroom, meal accommodation, installing visual alarms, carpet free room, presence of assistance animal, and access for a personal care attendant.